It’s not just “planning to do”.

The fields of usage which we have produced for Osoci Token have emerged by blending what we have learned from our streaming experience of more than 10 years, millions of sales and more than a hundred thousand broadcaster payments, with broadcaster and member surveys. SCX fields of usage are not just ideas, they are the result of many years of experience and hundreds of Q/A's.

All this is to get as many people as possible to hold and use SCX tokens in a given short period of time. Nor is it just an idea or a plan; It’s not about “we are planning to do”, it’s more about “we are going to do”.

Osoci stream credit sales
1-5% extra credit will be given to members for credit sales made with Osoci Token (SCX). We foresee that the majority of customers, in particular regular spenders, will make their payments using SCX in order to benefit from the extra credits.

SCX rewards for credit sales
For payments over certain amounts made with credit cards and non-SCX cryptocurrencies, SXC token rewards will be given at 1-2% of the spending made in order for users to become acquainted with SCX.

Monthly streamer payments
If the streamers who receive payments on the monthly specified dates choose SCX as their payment method, they will receive an extra 1-10% SCX for the payment they will receive for a certain period of time.

Instant streamer payments
Streamers will only be able to use SCX as a payment method if they want to receive their accumulated balance at any time without paying any extra fees to their wallets. In this case, no additional 1-10% SCX stake payment will be made.

Stake SCX rewards
Users who hold SCX in the system will be able to stake their SCX for investment purposes within the first 1-3 years, and will be entitled to receive a 5-15% SCX stake reward.

Stake SCX for premium membership
Users who stake a certain amount of SCX, which will be determined according to the premium sales price and the market price of SCX, will be able to use the premium membership; which is a paid membership, for free as long as they stake SCX.

Exchange of the remaining credits in the system to SCX
Users who have 10 or less credits left in the system will be able to convert their remaining credits to SCX at any time and withdraw them to their wallets at a rate determined to be lower than the credit sales amount.

SCX buyback on every sale
For each credit sale made with a payment method other than SCX, 1-5% of the sale will be automatically made SCX buyback over the market using stock market APIs.

Use of SCX's in stream room ads
In the marketplace that will be created to advertise to stream rooms, advertisers will be able to advertise only by using SCX. No other payment method will be available in this marketplace. Broadcasters will also collect their ad revenue in SCX.