Fair & transparent.

SCX is a utility token of Osoci streaming platform. Total cap is 500M SCX tokens, and 40% of those tokens (200M) are going to be used for platform grow. You'll see the token distribution of SCX which is completely transparent with clear ratios and figures, and a sustainable and value-added approach.

Marketing. (200M Tokens) %40 of the supply reserved for marketing with a lockup period of 8 years. Marketing expenses will be used in brand publicity and advertising in addition Osoci corp's own budget.

Platform Reserve. (150M Tokens) Includes tokens that will be used Treasury, Exchange Liquidity and more. Lockup period will be 8 years. There will be two more projects which we are planning to use SCX (from Platform Reserve) within. Any platform token which will be unlocked and not used for it's purpose will be locked for further date or burned.

Strategic Partners. (45M Tokens) Supply which will be used in strategic partnerships such as payment service providers, stock markets, technology partners and other strategic partnerships.

Private Sale. (35M Tokens) 7% of the entire supply is to be sold during the private sale time period.

Research and Development. (20M Tokens) It will be used in agreements with macro social media influencers to start streaming on Osoci. This part, which includes %10 supply will have a lockup period of 0-36 months.

Team. (20M Tokens) %4 of the supply will be reserved for the management and development teams with 12-48 months lockup periods. Team supply will be used to incentivise existing members and attract new talent to the Osoci team.

Seed Sale. (15M Tokens) %3 a bulk pre-sale of Osoci (SCX) tokens to a group of institutional investors and Osoci verified users at the nominal value of $0.05 per SCX. No discounts will apply.

Strategic Sale. (15M Tokens) %3 of the supply is for airdrops.

Unlocking any section token means that these tokens are not added to circulating supply, but can only be used for their purpose. Not every unlocked token is added to circulating supply. As an example, the fact that 200 million marketing tokens have been unlocked completely at the end of 8 years, does not means that all of these tokens have been distributed. Given the fact that some of the platform reserve tokens which are not used every year will be burned, we anticipate that circulating supply will progress at half the acceleration of the chart above.